Half-day program for children ages 4 and 5

Mount Merici’s Pre-K program provides a warm, caring environment that fosters love, independence, creativity and respect for each other and the world around us. In addition to the many classroom activities, students also participate in a variety of special school-wide programs, including the annual Christmas Concert, Spring Music Concert, All Saints Day, Curriculum Fairs and more. Students especially enjoy the Pen Pal Program, where each student is linked with a fourth grade “pen pal” for various activities throughout the year.

Pre-K also attends the school’s weekly Friday Assembly, where students Pre-K through Grade 8, faculty, staff and parents gather together in the gym for a musical welcome, special events and announcements, the Pledge of Allegiance a school prayer. Celebrating every student in the school, one child from each class is recognized at our weekly assembly, and that child shares with the school how he/she has been living with a Serviam heart. Here, each individual child finds overwhelming support and positive reinforcement from the entire school while being introduced to the lifelong gift of the art of public speaking.


As a prerequisite to coming to know God, it is important for students to know and appreciate themselves and how special and impactful they are as they make their way in the world.

Readiness Experiences

Students will have opportunity to:

  • Participate in large group activities
  • Practice responsibility
  • Be able to take care of his or her own needs
  • Exercise self-control
  • Respect the needs and right of others
  • Learn and accept class routine
  • Follow simple directions

Language Experiences

Students will have opportunity to:

  • Recognize his/her first and last name when heard
  • Recognize his/her first name when printed
  • Enjoy and understand stories read to him/her
  • Follow oral directions (one-two-and three step)
  • Use complete sentences when making a statement or asking a question
  • Participate in group discussion
  • Recall details of oral communication
  • Participate in group recitation of finger play and nursery rhymes
  • Participate in plays, skit, puppetry and other types of drama
  • Develop individual stories through picture
  • Say full name, address and telephone number

Mathematical Experiences

Students are introduced to math through the use of concrete materials. Students learn mostly by hands-on and visual manipulatives. Students will have opportunity to:

  • Sort and classify objects in numerous ways
  • Develop a sense of pattern
  • Understand the counting order
  • Make comparisons in size, measurement, etc.
  • Recognize basic numbers by sight 1-20


The children will develop understanding of themselves and their environment through concrete experience. Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore their five senses
  • Observe changes in weather
  • Compare forms of plant and animal life
  • Gain respect for their environment
  • Develop an understanding of their own growth
  • Become aware of the living things around us

Social Studies

Students will have the opportunity to experience the following as they learn to become better citizens:

  • Learn to recognize their place in the family
  • Develop a positive self concept
  • Child Lures Child Safety program will be introduced to the children to help guide them in learning about their personal safety.

Physical Education

Students will gain commitment to personal health and well-being through activities that require them to share with others and participate in large group activities. Emphasis is placed on gross motor skills, cooperation, sharing and respect for others.


Pre-Kindergarten students will have many different opportunities to express themselves through a variety of materials. (Finger-paints, watercolors, colored chalk, glue, crayons, clay, etc.) This is an enjoyable period for the students and gives them additional ways of expressing themselves.


The children enjoy singing and hands-on experiences with musical instruments. Students learn to appreciate music as an art and as a way of expressing themselves.

Morning and After School Care services are available. Contact us for more information!