Grade 4

In fourth grade, student learning is guided through a variety of teaching activities that not only present curriculum, but also teach academic discipline, creativity, and life skills. Children are discovering themselves and their place in the world. The development of self-confidence and esteem are critical. The encouragement to develop new strengths and enhance talents increases the self-worth of children. When children are happy they believe in themselves and are able to reflect that image onto others. In fourth grade, students have a better understanding of their capacity for kindness, compassion, patience, and understanding of others.


Religion is taught by Mrs. Fitzpatrick. Fourth graders learn about personal spirituality, faith in God, and living a moral life with strong values. Students participate in daily school-wide prayer, as well as in service projects and daily experiences in living with strong values, helping students to develop a strong moral compass for lifelong guidance.


The reading program is based on structured skill development with the emphasis on comprehension. Small group novels and whole class novels are used. Class discussions, activity sheets, and projects guide the practice and learning of the skills. Reading is a skill that is learned only through active practice; therefore, reading at home is expected.


In fourth grade, parts of speech, sentence formation & punctuation are studied. In writing we use the snapshot approach to practice revision and editing techniques to enhance students writing abilities to clearly and expressively communicate students’ thoughts. Writing pieces include isolated paragraphs for varied purposes and multi-paragraphing.


The school subscribes to the Saxon Math program and its incremental development approach. This program will be enhanced with math games and skill and drill activities in addition and subtraction, multi-digit multiplication, division with remainder, place value to hundred millions, fractions, decimal, geometry and learning to use percent. Students also learn about elapsed time, money and problem solving skills.


The spelling program in fourth grade consists of three parts; spelling patterns, word parts and meanings, and content related words. A variety of in-class and homework activities will prepare students for their test. As much as possible, weekly words are given to students on Friday so that weekends are available to students for study and review over the weekend.

Social Studies

Students will study the five themes of geography and mapping skills. We will then delve into the regions of the United Sates. This will include learning where states are located and their capitals. We will study the interdependence of the regions, major landforms, and economy. Highlights from history and important people are studied.


Science is presented in an inquiry-based format. Learning activities include textbook reading, home projects, and research. Topics studied: plants, nutrition, oceans, and solar system.

Child Lures Program is presented yearly in a two-week format to reinforce personal safety, children’s awareness of protecting their bodies and their feelings, and promoting their self-esteem.

Fourth graders also participate in weekly music sessions, French, physical education, computer instruction and school-wide service projects.

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