Grade 3

Academic expectations are more challenging in Third Grade.  Additionally, organization (using a planner, maintaining a functional desk, etc.), following directions as given, working with others, patience, resilience and other “soft skills” are integral facets of Third Grade.  Being an accountable, responsible student is a very important goal concurrent with academics.


Students participate in daily school-wide prayer, and learn how their faith and personal spirituality can strengthen their character and increase their abilities to have a positive impact on the world around them. They participate in service projects and have daily experiences of what it means to live a life of kindness, compassion, respect and service to others.


Utilizing Saxon Math, Intermediate 3.  Daily math homework reinforces concepts and processes.  Additionally, we use math games, glyphs and daily “mad minutes” to further math understanding. 

Language Arts and Grammar

Activities beyond textbooks include:  the writing process, including editing and revisions, grammar and parts of speech, penmanship instruction and practice.  We will work on writing well structured sentences and paragraphs with topic sentences ands supporting details.  We also utilize Storyworks Magazine by Scholastic.


By Third Grade, the goal is reading to learn versus learning to read, so comprehension is the primary goal.  Reading activities include silent reading, student/teacher guided reading instruction, individual conferencing, class read-alouds and related activities like Readers’ Theater.  We will utilize literature with trade books and reading comprehension activities, learning about synthesizing information from texts and practicing critical thinking skills.  We will also introduce figurative writing tools such as alliteration, personification, idioms and the like.


Our spelling curriculum includes weekly word list of 20 words from relevant word families and content areas.  A spelling test will be given each week.


We will learn about:

Life Science- Plants and Ecosystems

Physical Science – Observing Matter and Simple Machines

Earth Science – Weather and Space

Human Body – Five Senses, Skeletal System, and Human Body Systems

Social Studies

We will learn primarily about U. S. History, Government holidays, Presidents, mapping skills, geography, land forms, and current events.

Third graders also participate in Music, French, physical education, computer instruction and school-wide service projects.

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