About Mount Merici Academy in Waterville, ME

Since 1911, Mount Merici Academy in Waterville, ME has been committed to the cultivation of the character, education, and development of every MMA student. Our faculty and administration work to nurture our young students in ways that help them to become hard working, courteous young adults who welcome new challenges and opportunities, and who stand out as extraordinary in many ways.

How to best educate America’s children is an issue of debate and concern in many political and educational arenas. Educational researchers recognize that a successful formula for educating children includes parental involvement, high academic standards, and a respectful, values-centered learning environment.

Parent Involvement:

At Mount Merici Academy, each family commits to a minimum of 20 hours per year of service to our school. Research shows that parent involvement makes the biggest difference in the delivery of a quality education.

High Academic Standards:

The majority of Mount Merici Academy students score far above the national average in standardized achievement tests. However, test scores don’t tell the whole story. The priority for us is development of the whole child. The curriculum is designed so that the students learn to think constructively, to reason logically, and to accept responsibility.

Values-Centered Learning Environment:

Every child who walks through our doors is known by name by all faculty, staff and administration. All MMA students are nurtured, respected and valued. Students are rewarded for kind deeds and thoughtful actions, and they learn the importance of respect for others, kindness, compassion and service to their families, their community and the world.

Our Mount Merici Academy family extends to you a warm welcome to visit our school.